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Ezzy is a Salt Lake City native, raised by her resourceful refugee family. The importance of employment was always instilled in her upbringing.

Ezzy’s fifth grade teacher (after answering 10 of Ezzy’s questions) told her that she was either going to be a scientist or a lawyer. Fortunately for us, she wasn’t very good at math. Not knowing any attorneys or anything about lawyers, Ezzy started at the University of Utah thinking she would major in law. She quickly found out that that wasn’t an option. A pre-law program helped her realize that the law can be an instrument of change, invigorating her choice to be a lawyer. After graduating with a degree in political science (there was very little math in this type of science) and environmental and sustainability studies, she finally started her long anticipated legal education at S. J. Quinney College of Law. In the midst of advocating for diversity in the law as a student, she was lucky enough to land a position with SBHT exposing her to the beauty of employment law.

In her time with SBHT, Ezzy has had the opportunity to work on a variety of administrative, state, and federal employment cases where she enjoys advocating for her clients. She is an active member in a variety of different Utah State Bar organizations and volunteers to speak with students about workers’ rights and a potential profession in the law. Ezzy spends her free time fostering the growth of her houseplants and dog, Sage (which is the name of the dog not the plant).

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