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While meeting with an advisor during his third year of college at the University of Utah, Jonathan realized that he needed to make a quick decision on exactly what it was that he wanted to do with his life because unbeknownst to him, he would be graduating the following semester with his degree in Economics, a year earlier than he anticipated. That very day, Jonathan's dilemma of what to do next with his life was solved as he was walking across campus and noticed the University of Utah was hosting a law fair featuring law schools from across the country. After wandering aimlessly from school to school, Jonathan determined that a change in scenery was in order, and he decided to move far away from Utah to attend Vermont Law School and study water law.

Jonathan was certainly in for new experiences when he moved from ultra-conservative Utah to socialistic Vermont. Specifically, Jonathan lived in Bethel, Vermont (which also happens to be the only city in the United States that survived the outbreak of Darkseekers in the movie I am Legend), a small town about 10 miles from the law school. Jonathan's time in Vermont provided him with numerous valuable experiences that gave him a new broader perspective on life. Nonetheless, Jonathan returned to Utah's warm embrace as soon as he graduated.

For several years during and after law school, Jonathan worked as a clerk and later an associate for a firm specializing water law. However, Jonathan retired his dreams of pursuing a career in water law in search of a happier and more useful career path. After leaving his old firm, Jonathan obtained a contract position with a great group of attorneys who practiced employment litigation. Jonathan saw this job as an opportunity to focus on helping others. At one point in his career, Jonathan himself had experienced the wrath of an unprincipled and irrational employer, which is why Jonathan decided he needed to join the cause of holding such employers responsible for their actions. Strindberg & Scholnick soon found him worthy of joining the firm to fight the cause of employment justice, and Jonathan jumped at the opportunity.

Jonathan also enjoys canyoneering, camping, riding his horse, mountain biking, hiking, hunting or anything involving the great outdoors with his wife Kelli.

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