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Consultation Form

We review intake forms at least once a week and after we do so you will be contacted to let you know if we can set up a consultation or if we need to refer you to a different firm/lawyer.

Our firm specializes in employment and labor law. Because this area of the law can be complex, we first meet with each potential new client to discuss what happened to determine if that person has a legal claim. This initial consultation usually takes about an hour and can be done in person*, over the phone, or by video. We do charge a fee for this consultation.

The form below will assist us with getting this process started. The information you submit is confidential, meaning we will not disclose it to anyone outside of the firm. Please fill it out as completely as you can.

If you need help filling out the form, please contact the main number and follow the prompts.

* To avoid the transmission of COVID-19, we are currently only doing phone and/or video consultations. We hope that we will be able to resume in-person consultations in the future.

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Who do you work for?*
Private Employer
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What is the name of your employer?
What department do you work in?
What is/was your position and briefly, what are/were your job duties?
What is/was your last rate of pay?
Approximately how many employees work for your employer?
What office or location do you work from or are you assigned to?
How long have you worked/did you work for your employer?
Did you supervise any employees?
How many?
Who was/is your supervisor?
Are there other supervisors or employees who have been involved in your situation at work? If so, what are their names?
Do you know of any deadlines that are coming up, or meetings or hearings that have been scheduled? If so, what dates/deadlines?


Why do you need to see a lawyer?

Employment Status*
Resigned under threat of termination
Still employed
Date of Separation
Has your employer taken other negative actions against you like discipline, suspension, demotion? Please explain what and when.
Do you need advice about ongoing problems at work?
Do you need us to review any documents or agreements (such as severance agreements, non-compete agreements, or employment agreements)?
Do you need to be represented because of an upcoming hearing or meeting?
Other issue(s):
Do you feel you have been discriminated or harassed because of:
Sex or gender
Sexual orientation
Gender identity
Race or color
National origin
Medical leave
Military leave
Immigration status
Your religion:
Your national origin:
Your age:
Your race or color:
Do you believe your employer has retaliated against you because you did one or more of the following?
Reported discrimination/harassment
Reported fraud
Reported corruption
Reported illegal activity
Reported waste
Spoke out on an important matter
Participated in an investigation
Do you believe you have been wrongly terminated? If so, why?
Are there other issues or concerns that you have about any of the following? (Check all those that apply.)
Not being paid overtime or proper wages
Contract issues (such as non-compete agreements, severance agreements, or employment contracts)
Union activities
Unemployment compensation
Disability insurance
Provide a brief explanation of why you marked the boxes above and/or a description of your issues:
Provide critical documents (doc, docx, pdf):
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Have you lost any wages as a result of the actions taken against you? If so, how much?
What other damages or injuries have you suffered?
Have you had to seek medical help (including going to see a counselor) as a result of the actions taken against you? Explain briefly.
As noted above, we charge for our initial hour consultation. The price of that consultation varies depending on the experience of the lawyer you meet with and is typically between $125-275. Are you willing and able to pay?*
Do you have a preference of which attorney you consult with?
Which attorney?
Would you like us to email you a referral list?

We review intake forms at least once a week and after we do so you will be contacted to let you know if we can set up a consultation or if we need to refer you to a different firm/lawyer.